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Monday, June 25th, 2007
6:48 pm
a Projekt-like event in Northampton, MA USA July 14th
A Night of Shoegaze Rock and Experimental Ambient
Twelfth of Never
Rob Byrd
Noir Magnetik

Saturday, July 14th, 2007
Upstairs at Eagles
270 Pleasant St., Northampton, MA
9 pm, $6, 21+ (alcohol is sold)

Go to this and Projektfest a couple weeks later!
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
4:39 am
QNTAL + Unto Ashes: European tour October 2006
Posted on behalf of Unto Ashes.

Qntal and Unto Ashes have agreed to tour together through Europe in
October 2006. It is projected that the tour will consist of eighteen
dates (October 4-21) and will extend through Germany, France, Austria,
Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. Arrangements are currently
being made by Qntal's management (Pendragon Entertainment Group).

Many Serpents are already acqainted with Qntal's astounding music, for
which please visit www.qntal.de -- Qntal's music is very popular in
Europe, and with good reason. A mix of medieval atmospheres and modern
technologies, Qntal is characterized by exquisite musicianship and
profound emotional range. Unto Ashes' "Frühling" -- a tribute to Qntal
can be heard on the newest Unto Ashes CD GRAVE BLESSINGS.

We are naturally thrilled by these developments, and we hope that all
Serpents will spread the word about the Qntal / Unto Ashes tour to
interested persons, fan sites, and online discussion groups. In the
meantime, we encourage everyone to experience Qntal (and/or their side
project Estampie) for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

With sincere thanks and best wishes,

Unto Ashes
New York City
3:39 am
Introduction ....
Hello. Just joined. And the user info asked for the following information upon applying ... although I was automatically accepted, so it may not really be needed, but nonetheless ...

Top 5 favorite Projekt bands:

Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Unto Ashes
Faith and Disease


Collecting and listening to apocalyptic folk, neofolk, wyrd folk, psychadellic folk, experimental folk, drone folk, and traditional folk, and some ethereal, ambient, noise, and experimental music. Playing guitar in Twelfth of Never. Writing music. Films. Books. Politics. Existence. History. Humanity. Society. Sociology. Media. Veganism.

Favorite Projekt CD that you own:

Black Tape for a Blue Girl - This Lush Garden Within, Remnants of a Deeper Purity, The Scavenger Bride, Ashes in the Brittle Air, Mesmerized By the Sirens, A Chaos of Desire (almost all of them, really)

Unto Ashes - all of them, but I'm really partial to their first one, MOON Oppose MOON.

Mira - all of them. (Favorites songs: "Something Ventured" and "In the End" on their debut, "Space" and "Green" on Apart, and "Say When" and "Nearest Exit" on There I Go Daydreamer).

Faith and Disease - Beneat the Trees

Lycia - Ionia ("Ionia", "Desert", "Granada"), A Day in the Stark Corner ("And Through the Teeth and Nails", "Pygmallion", "The Morning Breaks So Cold and Gray", "Daphne"), Live ("The Facade Fades").

Peter Ulrich - Pathways and Dawns

Arcanta - The Eternal Return

Eden - Gateway to the Mysteries, Healingbow, Fire and Rain

This Ascension - Tears in Rain, Light and Shade

I've covered many, haven't I? ;)

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